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Quandary Bugs, Issues, Fixes and FAQs

The current release version of Quandary is:

  • Windows version 2: (01-01-2019)

Windows 2.x Bugs

Date Problem Cause Fix
01/01/2019 XHTML 1.1 was getting a bit old. The app has been updated to use HTML5 source files. Fixed in version (01/01/2019).
01/01/2019 The hotpotatoes.net service was discontinued. The upload features of the application have been removed. Fixed in version (01/01/2019).
22/11/2012 Firefox 17 and above would show an error message about the browser version when loading an exercise. The user agent string for Firefox has been changed. Fixed in version (22/11/2012).
04/04/2012 Outline view would not allow jumping to a decision point higher than 12. This was due to an obsolete registration requirement. Thanks to Mindaugas Boruta for reporting it. Fixed in version (04/04/2012).
03/02/2011 Connections to www.hotpotatoes.net would fail. The hotpotatoes.net server ssl level has been upgraded, and Quandary had to be upgraded to match it. Fixed in version (03/02/2011).
28/11/2007 The link to the Quandary Website from the Help menu was out of date. My fault: forgot to change it when the Website was updated. Thanks to Paolo Cutini for reporting this. Fixed in version (28/11/2007).
27/11/2007 The phrase "Total Decision Points" in the status bar showed up in English even after loading a translation file. This message was only updated after the number of decision points changed, so it remained in English until a change was made to the exercise. It's now rewritten more promptly. Thanks to Paolo Cutini for reporting this. Fixed in version (27/11/2007).
27/11/2007 Installer did not show application name. My fault -- not sure how it happened! Thanks to Paolo Cutini for reporting this. Fixed in version (27/11/2007).
04/04/2007 Media files would not upload correctly to www.hotpotatoes.net. My fault -- this was a bug introduced while adding the SCORM code. Fixed in version (04/04/2007).
02/04/2007 Help file would not function under Windows Vista, and help popups would sometimes fail under other versions of windows. Vista does not have support for WinHelp, so I've moved completely over to CHM help. Fixed in version (02/04/2007).
29/08/2005 When a new asset was created during the creation of a transation, its settings for being shown or hidden were not saved. My fault -- changes to the asset object were not carried over to the routine dealing with asset creation "on the fly" from the Transaction screen. Fixed in version (29/08/2005).
20/08/2004 Some windows (e.g. the Run Scenario window) appeared too small for their content, making it impossible to access some controls on some computers. My fault -- window scaling settings were wrong, so windows were not sized properly on systems with Large Fonts selected. Fixed in version (20/08/2004).
18/06/2004 Font names are not saved and reloaded properly in the configuration Appearance tab, and sometimes an Access Violation error results. My fault -- a coding error in combination with rare circumstances on certain machines caused empty font names to be saved. Fixed in version (18/06/2004).
12/03/2004 Images used as button captions don't show up. Image tags are being escaped -- our fault. Fixed in version (24/03/2004).