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Half-Baked Software's Privacy Policy

Our privacy officer is Stewart Arneil. You can contact Stewart to find out what information we have about you, and to check or correct that information. This is a simple description of our privacy policy. Our full privacy code is available as an MS Word document, along with our privacy statement.

When you make a purchase from us, we will collect and store the contact information you give us in encrypted files on secure computers.

Any credit card information we receive will never be stored on any of our computers; only paper records will be kept. Note that in the case of purchases made through PayPal, we will never know your credit card information at all, since these transactions are handled by PayPal.

We will never sell or give your contact details to any other company or any individual outside our company, for any reason, unless we are legally required to do so.

We are required by Revenue Canada to retain information relating to sales for a period of seven years.

If you register for our software and do not explicitly instruct us not to send you email, we might occasionally send email to you regarding updates and new versions. This will not happen more than four times in any calendar year, and in fact we have not sent mass-mailing messages for several years now. You may request that we stop sending email at any time.